Jewish Clarity


Jewish Clarity

Jewish Clarity had years worth of precious articles of timeless value.  However, there were many duplicate pages and a lack of clean structure due to many people working on the website and no clear goals. We worked to understand and reorganise the content as well as adding images to make it a lot more inviting. In order to preserve search traffic, we redirected the old page urls to the new ones ensuring a cleaner backend for updating posts and a smoother user experience. We also added the ‘Burst of Clarity’ section to add their social media quotes as an easy way to include a constant stream of fresh content.

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“I want to express my great appreciation for your hard work and dedication to get this all done. And especially right before Pesach! The website looks great. I am very happy I took the recommendation of Mrs. B to arrange for you to be the one to upgrade the website.

I think your idea to add an automatic facebook ‘feed’ which will update itself whenever a new facebook post is added makes a lot of sense. As you said, that way no-one has to keep updating those posts manually.

It all looks great! Thanks so much. ”

Rabbi Asher Resnick

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